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Haier: About our home appliances company

Haier Group Founded in Qingdao, China in 1984 under the leadership of Mr. ZHANG Ruimin, Haier is the No. 1 Home appliances brand in China and No. 3 globally. Haier products are distributed in more than 160 countries and regions in North America, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Global revenues amounted to RMB 119 billion (USD 17.4 billion) in 2008, representing a year-on-year growth of 8%.

Top product quality for all major appliances

Haier has 240 subsidiary companies and 30 design centers, plants and trade companies and more than 50,000 employees throughout the world. Haier specializes in technology research, manufacture industry, trading and financial services. Haier 2008 global revenue was RMB 119 billion (USD 17.4 billion).

Haier has consecutively been ranked first in the row of China’s most valuable brands for manufacture of 18 products, including :

Haier was ranked first of China’s Top 10 Global Brands by China State Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision (CSBTS) for refrigerators and washing machines. On August 30, 2005, Haier was ranked 1st of China’s Top 10 Global Brands by the Financial Times.

Facing the fierce global market competition, Haier launches the Global Brand Building Strategy and updates spirit : Create Resources, Worldwide Prestige and work style : Individual-Goal Combination, Swift Action and Success with an aim to gain global recognition and sustainable development.

Global Branding Strategy

Haier’s global branding strategy aims at positioning the company as a local brand in different world markets in conjunction with enhanced product competitiveness and strong corporate operations.

Haier’s international business framework encompasses a global network of design, procurement, production, distribution and Haier’s support (after-sale) services .

Today, Haier has established 15 industrial complexes, 30 overseas production factories and bases, 8 design centers and over 58,000 sales agents worldwide.

Haier Quality – an international perspective

In China, Haier’s 4 leading product categories – refrigerators, refrigerating cabinets, air conditioners and washing machines – have over 30% market share.

In overseas markets, Haier products are available in 12 of the top 15 chain stores in Europe and 10 leading chain stores in the USA.

Haier is now approaching its goal of being “local” in American and European markets via localized design, manufacturing and sales processes.

In addition, Haier has set up production facilities and plants in the USA, Italy, Pakistan, Jordan and Nigeria.


Haier has established an extensive sales network around the globe. Key partners in perspective markets include:

  • China: Strategic alliance with Suning and Gome chain stores
  • America: Cooperation with TOP 10 retailers, e.g. SEARS, Lowe`s, HOME DEPOT, Best Buy, PC-Richard, Wal-Mart, Sam`s, Costco, BrandsMart and Target
  • Japan: Cooperation with TOP 10 retailers, e.g. YAMADA, KOJIMA and JUSCO
  • Europe: Cooperation with KESA, Media Market and Carrefour
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