FAQs & Troubleshooting

FAQs & Troubleshooting


In this function, fresh food will be frozen as quick as possible to retain the best nutritional value, appearance and taste.

The Super Freeze function accelerates the freezing of fresh food. Activate the function 24 hours before storing the food.

It will exit automatically after hours or you can turn the function off manually.

Sometimes, we call this function Quick Freeze. Quick Freeze= Super Freeze

For example HB25FSSAAA

Super Cool chills food quickly so that the food remains fresh as long as possible.

Select this function before putting large quantities of food into the fridge chamber at any one time.

It will exit automatically once it has reached the setting temperature or you can turn the function off manually .

Sometimes,we call this function Quick Cool. Quick Cool= Super Cool

Not for all Haier Models

For some Haier refrigerator models, the fridge compartment can be switched off only, but not the Freezer.

Caution : If refrigerator has the Holiday function, the fridge compartment will run in Holiday function, and the fridge can’t be switched off.

For example, Haier side by side refrigerator HRF-628AF6

Possible Reasons:

  • The power cord is unplugged.
  • House’s circuit breaker is actually tripped.
  • The power supply voltage problem.

Solutions :

  • First check to see if it is plugged in.
  • If the circuit is tripped, unplug the refrigerator then reset the circuit.
  • Check if the other appliance such as washing machine is on.
  • If not, the power supply voltage is failure, it needs the electrician or equipped with a voltage regulator.

When returning from a power outage or brownout, the power may not restart well. This may result in the processor locking up.

Once the power returns, follow these steps:

  • Unplug your refrigerator firstly.
  • wait for 5 minutes.
  • Then replug your refrigerator.

When power returns, the unit may repower but the display will show the actual temperature instead of the factory default set temperatures.

In this case, set the refrigerator to Super Cool and Super Freeze modes until the unit returns to the desired operating temperature.

  1. Unplug the refrigerator : Disconnect it from all the power sources
  2. Empty the refrigerator : Take out all the removable shelves and drawers and set them aside
  3. Wipe down the interior : Use a soft cloth with hot water and mild detergent to wipe the interior, bottle racks and door pockets.
  4. Unlock the drain : Flush the drain with hot water to fix clogged pipeline
  5. Clean the evaporating dish : The evaporating dish is located over the compressor in the cabin
  6. Dry interior : Use a clean dry cloth to wipe the interior of the refrigerator
  7. Replace the shelves, followed by the food and you’re good to go!

A Refrigerator run much longer the first time as it needs more time to decrease the temperature of all sections in the first power up, especially in summer, the ambient temperature is higher, so the operation time will increase.

It will run normally when the refrigerator enters stable state. Please put the food in the refrigerator after an open cycle.

An inverter type refrigerator‘s speed conversion depends on conditions, mostly it operates at low speed.

On the same conditions an inverter type refrigerator operates longer than ordinary ones, but it does not increase its power consumption as it operates at low speed most of the time.

Before you set the temperature, you should check if the food in the compartment is suitable to the temperature you set. Such as in fridgethe graphic.

Check if the door closed properly.
If not, close the door properly.

Check there is anything stopping the door from closing fully.
If no, Please call a service.


  1. Display panel light is usually accompanied by a door open alarm and is not continuous.It sounds only about every 30 seconds
  2. Display panel light will normally go out (extinguish) after 2 minutes after the door is shut.

R600a refrigerant is named iso-butane which belongs to hydrocarbon. It is one of the environmental protection refrigerant which can replace R12 (a kind of fluorine refrigerant).

The advantage:

  1. R600a refrigerant has no destructive effect to the ozone sphere and it conforms to “Montreal Agreement”.
  2. The operating pressure of R600a is not high, so the noisy is low.
  3. The quantity of R600a is more or less 50g which is less than other refrigerant for each refrigerator.
  4. R600a has no special requirement to the system, so the system can runs reliably.

Models: HRF-661/662FF/A (SS) :

Switch ON/OFF the ice maker by pressing the “Quick FRZ” and “REF TEMP” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. The buzzer beeps once, and the cube icon on the display panel goes off, or on when both buttons are pressed.

models hrf-661/662

Models: HRF-663ITA2, HRF-663ATA2, HRF-658FF/A(SS) , HRF-663ISB2(WW), HRF-663BSS, HRF-663ASB2, HRF-661TSAA, HRF-661RSSAA, HRF-664ISB2, HRF-664ISB2*:

Switch ON/OFF the ice maker by pressing the “AI (Fuzzy )” and “Quick FRZ” buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.When the ice maker is switched off, the icons of cube ice and crushed ice are not displayed on the display panel.

models hrf-663/661/664

Models: HRF-663IRG, HRF-663CJR, HRF-663CJB, HRF-663CJW:

Press and hold the buttons ” F ” and ” A ” for 3 seconds, to turn ice maker OFF or ON.


  1. The ice maker turns on when re-connect the power supply.
  2. If indicator N,O and P cannot be selected, please confirm if the ice maker has been turned off .

Ice / water supply select switch:
Press Select button D continuous for selection of crushed ice, cold water or ice tube supply. In this process, relative indicator lights:

N—Water selected indicator
O—Cubed ice selected indicator
P—Crushed ice selected indicator

models hrf-663

Models: HRF-628AF6 and HRF-628IF6:

When the refrigerator is first powered on, the ice maker defaults to off.

  • Press the ” Ice ON/OFF” button for 3 seconds. The Ice Maker icon will turn on and the ice maker will start working.
  • Press the ” Ice ON/OFF” button for 3 seconds. The Ice Maker icon will turn off and the ice maker will  stop working.

NOTE: Make sure you empty the ice maker container before you turn off the ice maker, as the ice will melt and cause a flood

models hrf-628

Model: HRF-628IS7:

When the refrigerator is first powered on, the ice maker defaults to off and the “ICE MAKER ON/OFF” icon displays the words “ice maker” “off”.

To turn on the ice maker

  • Press the “ICEMAKER ON/OFF” button for 3 seconds, it will display the words “ice maker” “on” and the ice maker will start working.

To turn off the ice maker

  • Press the “ICEMAKER ON/OFF” button for 3 seconds, it will display the words “ice maker” “off” and the ice maker will stop working.

NOTE: Make sure you empty the ice maker container before you turn off the ice maker, as the ice will melt and cause a flood


Model: HB21F(NN) :

The ice maker is activated when power is switched on to the refrigerator. The ice maker OFF icon (J) is dark. Press the “ICE ON/OFF ” button  to turn off the icemaker. The icemaker OFF icon (J) is displayed.

model HB21F

Models: HB21FW(NN), HB21FWRSS, HB22FWNN :

On the cabinet display control panel, press and hold the FREEZER temperature control button ” >”  and the REFRIGERATOR temperature control button ” < ” simultaneously for 3 seconds, “EXPRESS FRZ”  flashes on the cabinet display panel, then the ice maker stops operating.

To start the ice maker press and hold the FREEZER temperature control button ” > ” and the REFRIGERATOR temperature control button “< ” . simultaneously for 3 seconds.


Models: HB21FC45/75NS and  H21BFC45NS:

To turn the Ice maker Off

  • Please press button G and J at the same time for three seconds, indicator E will flash and ice maker will be turned off.

To turn the ice maker on

  • Press button G and J at the same time for three seconds, indicator E will flash and ice maker will be turned on.
  1. The cold water you get from the refrigerator comes from the cold water tank in which it is cooled. As the tank is of limit volume, if you take large amount of water continuously, the water you take will be not cold enough.
    Please do not take cold water frequently or take much cold water once.
  2. The refrigerator was just powered on and fridge storage temperature was not reached your desired temperature,or the fridge storage compartment is turned off.
    Please turn on the fridge storage compartment,and wait for some time.

Feature : Condenser is installed on the back of refrigerator or sides of refrigerator. Because of high speed operating, the heat that is absorbed from the food of refrigerator will change to the high-temperature and high-pressure gas. The gas enter to condenser and dissipate the heat through the condenser. So when you touch the cabinet that installed the condenser, it is hot,especially in summer.

Answer :

It is normal

  1. Keep the refrigerator more than 10cm from the wall.
  2. Keep the refrigerator tin a good ventilation area.

Air Conditioners

Press FAN button,Into fan mode.

Under FAN mode: only blowing, without cooling or heating, Fan speed and air direction can be set.

This may be caused by low power voltage or PCB part damage.
Please call for our service – +(966) 920001275

This may be caused by too little gas, please call for service – +(966) 920001275

If you turn off the unit with the remote, the display board is still on.

  1. You can press “LIGHT” button to turn off the light, in this condition, the unit still have power.
  2. Disconnect the power supply.

At the beginning of heating mode, the indoor evaporator temp is very low. In order to prevent the unit blowing cold air, the indoor fan will run aproximately 3 minutes later, at this time, the evaporator temp is higher.

In cooling mode, the outdoor condenser temp and pressure is very high. In order to dissipate the heat, and reduce pressure, the outdoor fan will run some extra minutes. This can protect the compressor.

Washing Machines

  1. (For the down type washer) You must put down the drain hose, and the height of the drain hose shall be less than 10cm and do not tramp or press the drain hose
  2. If the water flow down from the top of the spin tub, which means that the water pressure is too high, please turn down the tap.
  1. The inlet hose is loose. Please adjust inlet hose and inlet entrance.
  2. The inlet hose may be cracked, you can buy  a new part at your nearest Haier store and replace it.

Reason 1: Connection is not good.

Solution 1: If it leaks while filling with water,  check the washer selector and turn it to standard or strong current.


Reason 2: Water level bar is too low.

Solution 2: If it leaks while working, please adjust the water level bar to a higher position. Fox example: Max.

water level bar low

You can find it in Specification of the User Manual
spinning capacity specifications
spinning capacity specifications

Microwave Ovens

in order to be used in a microwave oven, the containers must be of a material, which allows microwave to pass through it to the food. The materials fit for are as follows:

  • China and pottery, ovenproof glass and glass ceramic dishes are perfectly suitable for microwave cooking.
  • However, fine bone china and ordinary glass should be used for short periods only, as they would crack with excessive heat.
  • Paper cups, cartons, cling films and thermo plastics are suitable for microwave cooking.
  • Metal or foil containers should never be used as these reflect the microwaves.
  • Melamine ware also tends to crack when heated.

Vegetables and most seafood can be cooked in the microwave.

You can “steam” whole fish in a microwave, and it comes out fine. The key point is to use the appropriate time and power setting. Please refer user manual to know the detailed procedure.

Microwaves are high-frequency electromagnetic waves; the energy released food to be cooked or reheated without changing either the form or the color.

Cooking Principle :

  1. The microwaves generated by the magnetron reflected cavity and are distributed uniformly as the food rotates on the turntable. The food is thus cooked evenly.
  2. The microwaves are absorbed by the food up to a depth of about 1 inch (2.5 cm).  Cooking then continues as the heat is dissipated within the food.
  3. Cooking time varies according to the container used and the properties of the food like:
    • Quantity and Density
    • Water Content
    • Temperature

Some pieces of food maybe loosen during cooking and stuck in the cavity of the microwave oven, they will cause sparks during cooking.

Please put a bowl of water in Microwave Oven. Then power on and start to heat for five minutes. After five minutes when you see steam appears, please power off and open the door, let the microwave oven cooling down then clean the Microwave Oven with cloth.

Please wash them with mild soap water.

Rinse with clean water and allow drying thoroughly. Then you can put them back.

Using a dampened soft cloth, wipe clean the door and window

Wipe the door seals and adjacent parts to remove any spill or spatter

Wipe the control panel with a slightly dampened soft cloth

Hard detergent, gasoline, abrasive powder or metal brush should not be used to clean any part of the appliance, as it may damage the surface of the microwave oven

The following ways could be used to remove odor or strange smell from microwave oven.

  1. Place several lemon slices in a cup, then heat with high power for 2-3 min.
  2. Place a cup of red tea in oven, then heat with high power.
  3. Put some orange peel into oven, and then heat them with high power for 1 minute.
. ..

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