The house is a basic pillar in society, and Haier has taken the social responsibility towards it and towards all what is related to it, considering the human as the first investment and target in Haier devices; fathers, mothers and even children.

Haier and parents work to make daily life easier by adding entertainment and comfort to it through its devices, in addition to help the user have peace of mind by ensuring the devices are working properly so that they will not cause harm to anyone at home. Haier also provides its products with suitable prices and high quality to suit all needs and reach all homes.

The used technologies in Haier devices make watching TV more enjoyable and cozy experience with the family, and even if you switched off the screen, you can use the automatic switch off to help save you energy in case you forgot to or were busy. And you will not have to worry regarding the air conditioner too, as the smart control system enables you to set the temperature, switch the AC on and off and set the system, each on its own.

So you do not have to set values all the time. It is also equipped with a fan which helps provide a complete conditioning and heating for the room.

The smart control system in the air conditioner also helps set suitable temperature by measuring the temperature inside and outside the room.

This also applies to Haier’s fridges, which are easier to use, as you can take out items without having to open the fridge, even if your children opened the fridge, its shelves are designed in a way that prevents items from falling when you pick them, which helps protect them.

  The freezer too has a special mechanism which helps you save energy, and if electricity goes off, you will not have to worry about the items, because it helps save them for a long time after electricity goes off.

Haier has put the family and its needs at the top of it priorities, so be sure its products are especially designed to satisfy your needs and daily use.