Haier is one of the top 100 Chinese companies in the technology industry in general and information technology in particular. Haier has 240 affiliated subsidiaries worldwide and 30 design centers. And more than 50,000 employees working in these branches in addition to factories and commercial companies. Haier went through the stages of development until she was able to build brand, diversity and access to the world. And aspire to increase these figures in the coming years. And to rise to number one in the technology industry.

Haier’s products are designed to meet global standards. Haier products suit all segments of society, including individuals, families and companies. Environmental care has also set environmental standards in its products. In other products she also took care of the use of children. She placed the microwave lock system, the ease and speed of use and the contents of the refrigerator without having to open it. On the other hand, taking into account the environment and the disruption of electricity, a system was put in the freezer to store food for 36 hours after the power out, and made your screen more interactive by adding a number of features such as wireless Internet access, protection system and multiple link entries to suit your uses.

All this and more has been offered by Haier over the past years, and aspires to expand its reach to meet the needs of people more and to be closer to them. It aspires to be localized through design, manufacturing and sales operations in the US and European markets.

Moreover, the HAIER trade system has become a special case study taught in the curricula of Harvard University, Southern California, and other universities and colleges.

Any change not only stops at Haier but enters the production and manufacturing line so that the product reaches the consumer, not only that, but the follow-up system after-sales service. It has created a separate center and section to serve the sale and beyond in order to reach the buyer in a timely manner and to be unique in his service.

Haier is an overlapping chain of operations and production line that seeks and aspires to spread and grow stronger and closer to every home and company. And to extend to larger areas through distinguished customer service and satisfaction.