Air Conditioners

Installation of Indoor Air Conditioning Unit

  • The place should be stable enough to hold the unit and less vulnerable to vibration.
  • Not near the heat source, steam source or any place that can be barrier for air outlet inlet.
  • Easy to discharge water and able to connect with outdoor unit pipes.
  • Air-sending to every corner of the room.
  • Availability of power supply socket and enough space saved around the unit.
  • No air sending directly to the bed.

Procedures of Air Filter Cleaning

  • Check and clean the air filter on indoor unit every two weeks.
  • Clean the air filter with hot water below 40c and put it back into the inlet grill after being dried.
  • Unplug the power cord and open the inlet grill. Support the inlet grill with its top plate at the right side.
  • Take down the filter, push the center tag upward slightly and the drag it downward.
  • Install the air filter. Put the air strainer onto left frame and bacteria-killing medium into the right.
  • Close the inlet grill. Put down the inlet grills top plate and close the inlet grill.
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