Fully unpack the appliance.

  1. Remove the polystyrene parts in the compressor chamber (if supplied)
  2. Remove documents and any accessories from the inside of the appliance.
  3. Clean the interior with a mixture of lukewarm water and vinegar, and dry thoroughly with a cloth.
  4. Close the appliance.
  5. Insert the plug in the socket.
  6. If equipped with a SUPER FREEZ SWITCH, turn it on.(Yellow light goes on too).
  7. Do not open the appliance any more for about 4hours respectively as long as the red light is ON, to allow the temperature in the inner compartment to drop to the necessary level.
  8. You can now fill the appliance with any amount of deep frozen food (purchased ready frozen goods).
  9. Turn off the SUPER FREEZER SWITCH again after 24 hours at the latest.


Do not store any bottle containing liquids. Liquid expands when frozen and the bottle can explode. Never keep containers with explosive substances (gas lighter, petrol, ether and the like.) in the freezer compartment of the appliance.

  • For the upkeep of the external appearance of your appliance, now and again clean with furniture polish or other enamel protecting product.
  • If your appliance has a condenser in the rear inside, from time to time remove dirt and dust. Dust and dirt impede release of heat from the inner compartment and considerably increases consumption of energy. For best results, use a light brush or duster to remove dust from the condenser of the rear wall.
  • If you leave your appliance out of use an extended period (e.g. when on holidays), leave it open to prevent odors building up inside. For appliance with locks: when the chest lid is open , always set the lock in “closed” position and keep the key wall away from small children to prevent accidents.
  • When ice and frost layers from on the inner walls up to a certain thickness, they act as an insulation element and prevent the coldness being released from the inner walls. They must be removed from time to time. To remove ice from the inner walls, use a plastic or wood scraper with out sharp edges.
  • Cover the frozen food with a cloth which aids to collect the scraped ice and enables a simple removal.

Never use electrical appliance to defrost the chest freezer, eg. Hair dryer, fan heater, or devices with a naked flame (e.g. candles). Plastic in inner compartment can malt and escaping gas can be ignited by sparks or naked flames.

Proceed as follows:

  • Make absolutely sure that you remove the plug from the power socket.
  • Dry your hands thoroughly to prevent skin damage by contact with ice (it is advisable to use gloves).
  • Remove all frozen food from the freezer, roll it firmly in newspaper, put it into the container, place the container in a cool, dry room.
  • If necessary speed up defrosting by placing a large pot of warm (not too hot) water on the freezer bottom.
  • Thoroughly clean the inside (compartment). Rinse it with a mixture of warm water and vinegar thereafter rinse with clear water.
  • Wipe the freezer with an absorbent cloth thoroughly dry and allow to air for about 3 to 4 minute
  • Close the chest and plug it back into the socket.
  • Set the temperature controls to maximum setting (green and red light go ON)
  • Now refill the frozen food –the oldest items at the top. To prevent frosted food from defrosting.
  • When the red light goes Off, reset the temperature control to a as per the filling capacity suitable temperature.
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