Unplug the power supply and antenna of the product when there is a rainstorm especially Thunderstorm

Do not use this product under direct sunlight or closely to heat sources

The product must be placed on a solid and table surface to avoid collapse

The products should be tightly fixed to avoid drop damages and even fire

Do not place the TV where temperatures can become excessively hot, for example, in direct sunlight or near heating appliance. Allow a free Row of air around the TV.

To avoid possible shock hazard, remove the TVs power cord from the electrical outlet before cleaning.

  • Regularly dust the TV with a Dry, none scratching duster.
  • When cleaning the TV, tack care not to scratching or damage the screen surface.
  • Avoid wearing jewelry or using anything abrasive.
  • Do not use household cleaners. Wipe the screen with a clean cloth dampened with water. Use even, easy, vertical strokes when cleaning.
  • Never use thinners, insecticide sprays, or other chemicals on or near the cabinet. They may permanently blemish the cabinet.

Trouble Shooting

This may be caused by obstruction to the antenna due to high rise buildings or hills. Using a highly directional antenna may improve the picture.

Check that the TVs power cord is plugged into the mains socket. Unplug the television, wait for 60 seconds. Then re-insert plug into the mains socket and turn on the television again.

Check antenna connection at the bottom of the TV to see if they are properly connected to the TV. Possible broadcast station trouble. Try another channel. Adjust the contrast and brightness setting. Try another auto picture setting. Check if you selected the correct AV source.

Most High Definition receiver boxes also have picture-positioning controls in their menu system. If the TV cursor controls run out of range before the picture is correctly positioned, the receiver box controls will need to be adjusted.

Increase the VOLUME.

Check that the TV is not muted; press the MUTE button on the remote controls.

When no signal is detected, the TV automatically switches off the sound. This is proper operation and does not indicate a malfunction.

Adjust the contact, color tint and brightness setting. Try another auto picture setting.

  • Check whether connection is correct.
  • Check whether the source is correctly selected press AV button to select the correct source.
  • Check whether you have configured the computer on a compatible display resolution.

If your TV has been shutdown in an improper way (e.g. power drop, power cord plug out), starting up the TV again will take a longer time then usual.

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