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Never settle for anything less than the best when it comes to buying a washing machine. To buy the best washing machine, you need to understand the different specs which each has to offer. If you wish to buy a top loader, twin tub, front loader or even an integrated washing machine, knowing what to look for when purchasing is key.

Here are a few specs for our various machines

The Front Loading Washing Machine:
we have three variations of the front loading machine with a capacity ranging from 6-8kgs.

Twin Tub Washing Machine:
we have a range of twin tub machines with an option of either a plastic body or a galvanized steel body, with a varied capacity of 8-12kg and all are equipped with either a heavy duty pulsator or a heavy duty basin pulsator.

Top Loading Washing Machine:
this machine
has a washing capacity of up to 9.5kgs, is fully auto digital operation and is built with a stainless steel wash drum.

American Design Washing Machine:
this machine has seven cycle washing modes to choose from, a 10kg capacity, a digital and rotary combination, as well as a stainless steel drum.

The Front Loading Washing Machine
Twin Tub Washing Machine
Top Loading Washing Machine
American Design Washing Machine

For more information on how to purchase your new washing machine, Contact us to find the perfect version for you.

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